Undergraduate teaching

I will be teaching the following courses in Winter 2020:

  • POL 2103 — Introduction to International Relations and Global Politics
  • POL 3124 — The Politics of Security

In the past, I have taught on the following courses in some capacity:

  • POL 7112 — Security and Conflict: Contemporary Issues (Fall 2019)
  • POL00050H — The Politics of Security in Africa (University of York)
  • POL00003I — Theories of International Relations (University of York)
  • POL00003C — Introduction to International Politics (University of York)
  • POL SCI 2O06 — Political Theory (McMaster University)

Postgraduate supervision

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is supervision and mentorship at the MA and PhD level. I will happily consider supervising projects around, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Border studies, especially ‘critical’ projects blending the conceptual and empirical
  • Migration studies / the politics of ‘migration management’
  • International intervention(s) in Africa, especially in the Sahel region
  • The politics of security provision, especially around non-state providers/groups
  • Surveillance practices, e.g. the use of biometric identification