2021-2022 academic year

  • POL 2103 — Introduction to International Relations and Global Politics (Fall 2021)
  • POL 6100/8110/9200 — Seminar / Theories & Problems in International Relations (Fall 2021 & Winter 2022)

Past teaching

  • Politique et mondialisation (University of Ottawa, 1st year UG)
  • The Politics of Security (University of Ottawa, 3rd year UG)
  • Security and Conflict: Contemporary Issues (University of Ottawa, graduate seminar)
  • The Politics of Security in Africa (University of York, 3rd year UG)
  • Theories of International Relations (University of York, 2nd year UG)
  • Introduction to International Politics (University of York, 1st year UG)

Graduate supervision

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is supervision and mentorship at the MA and PhD level. I will happily consider supervising projects around, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Border studies, especially ‘critical’ projects blending the conceptual and empirical
  • Migration studies / the politics of ‘migration management’
  • International intervention(s) in Africa, especially in the Sahel region
  • The politics of security provision, especially around non-state providers/groups
  • Surveillance practices, e.g. the use of biometric identification